Sinkholes in the News


For homeowners and commercial building owners, sinkholes are perhaps the most feared natural disaster. The images of homes and other structures being swallowed by the ground have left their mark in many people's minds, but the less dramatic and more common damage caused by the smaller and more gradually forming sinkholes can be a cause of great concern as well.

You can see examples of damage caused by these sinkholes here. If sinkholes have caused damage to your property, you should read what you need to know. You will have some work to do in terms of working with your insurance company and finding a reputable foundation repair company to repair the damage and correct the situation. Foundation repair is a highly technical field and you should select an experienced company with a proven track record to do the job.

Victims of sinkholes should also read about what to do. You can learn about how to Distinguish Sinkholes from Other Structural Problems. In general, if you are well-informed, you will have a better outcome than if you don't understand your situation (naturally!).

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