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Posted on March 24th, 2010 at 1:19 AM by admin

Sinkholes and sinkhole activity are very common in the state of Florida, and are the most common reason foundation repair is necessary. Within our ecological system, there is a delicate balance of ground water pressure and underground soil stratas. Any upset in this balance may contribute to a structural failure in the rock causing sinkhole activity. Sinkholes are a common cause of foundation damage

Sinkholes can appear suddenly over a period of hours and cause catastrophic damage to your property or may take years only to form a small depression. Sinkholes have been forming at increasing rates making foundation repair services more and more common.

While Mother Nature does her part to help along the formation of sinkholes, man has done his part in causing sinkholes as well. With the overdevelopment of our land comes undue stress on the soil structure. The increase in sinkhole activity is expected to continue as the demand of our land increases and ground water decreases with the ever growing population. With the need to divert surface water, sewage, runoffs, well drilling, dewatering, and mining there is an increase on the pressure of the land causing sinkholes and sinkhole activity to develop.

However all is not lost, something can be done, while we cannot stop the population growth or over usage of land, we can prepare and remediate our structures and support them with the best material available. At Champion Foundation Repair Systems we can help support your home or business from any further damage and help get to the root of the problem. Whether it’s man-made or an ecological occurrence we may be able to help stop what is causing your damage, repair your foundation and get your property back on solid ground.

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