10/24/2014 04:19 AM On Oahu a sinkhole at Kailua Elementary School has parents worried about the safety of their children.
10/22/2014 07:26 PM The city of North Augusta is getting ready to make some repairs to the Greenway after the area was damaged by a sinkhole.
10/21/2014 12:07 PM A sinkhole has closed North Taft Street between Fifth and Sixth streets in West Frankfort. No vehicle or foot traffic is being permitted on that block.Street commissioner Tara Fasol-Chambers said the sinkhole is one block north of one that developed in May, and she confirmed that both sinkholes are related.The city has applied for a $200,000 grant to replace two blocks of tile on North Taft. [...]
10/13/2014 05:26 PM Some neighbors are frustrated over a huge sinkhole near a busy sidewalk in DeKalb County.   Residents said it's a danger to the children in the area. They said their calls to the county for help went nowhere, so they called Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Aaron Diamant.   Anthony Boyd called Channel 2 about the giant, growing sinkhole just a couple feet from the busy sidewalk along Hambrick ...
10/19/2014 12:27 PM Council officials have yet to start investigating a sinkhole in Waihi in which a cyclist came close to dying last week, but their boss denies underground gold-mining is to blame.David Keys broke his neck after riding into the unmarked...
10/16/2014 06:26 PM A dog alerted a council worker to a man who was lying seriously injured after riding his bike into a sinkhole in Waihi.The man who fell into the sinkhole was Dave Keys, who relayed the story to his brother Ian last night."There...
10/24/2014 06:36 PM Workers put down blacktop on Route 422 in North Londonderry Township Friday as work continues to repair a persistent sinkhole. The road is expected to open next week.
10/21/2014 10:59 AM A powerful earthquake in Alaska sent towering waves up to 30 feet (9 meters) tall crashing down on Hawaii about 500 years ago, leaving behind fragments of coral, mollusk shells and coarse beach sand in a sinkhole located on the island of Kauai, new research finds. The quake, likely a magnitude 9.0, sent the mighty waves toward Hawaii sometime between 1425 and 1665, the study found. It's possible ...
10/17/2014 03:03 PM As David Keys lay cold, paralysed and face down with a broken neck in a dark sinkhole in Waihi, his 12-month-old dog Bailey sat loyally by his side. read more
10/20/2014 01:21 PM A 30-foot-high tsunami blasted Kauai after a 9.25 Aleutian earthquake 500 years ago, and modern-day Hawaiians had better take note, a new study says.
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