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Originally Posted by admin View Post
This is more likely from the shower pipes leaking since the property was built and destroying the wallboard behind the tile slowly year after year. While this looks like it might be structural damage within from the sinkhole activity it's cause might be a little more common.

On a side note, why is it that you did not revieve the sinkhole information before you bought the property?
I was living out of state at the time and my son looked at the house.
. The agent sen me the info on this house twice and I turned it down. When I came to check out houses the one time my district manager let me come she didnot show it to me. Then, I could not come back down and I had to move from my home within 14 days my house up north. Isold in 15 days on the market. She brought my son to look at the house and I was at work when he calledme about it but, I was in a hurry at work and could not talk.
After my son made an offer, the information of the sinkhole was given to us then aware of the problem. The agent I had sent me a fax with papers to sign and asked if she should send the engineer report. I said not via fax, but I woud like it. I only got a disclossure. Now she is only giving me copies of the disclosure and not the engineer report. The wall board by the pipes were fine when we tore down the walls after my hand went through the one under the window. The house has a large over hang and the inspector came back and said "he could not see where any water from rain would hit the window.
Now i asked her last night for a copy of engineer report and all she sent me again waas the disclosure. What am I to do? She is no help to me at all.
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