Sinkholes in the News

The only thing most people know about sinkholes is that they suck. And they are quite right about that. If you have a sinkhole problem on your property we're sure you'll agree.

There are sinkholes and there are insurance companies, the natural enemies of sinkholes. But when King Kong and Godzilla fight it's the little guys that most often get stepped on. This Website is here to help you keep from being the little guy who gets stepped on.

Your insurance adjuster should have your best interest at heart, but it's not his job to take care of everything for you. You're not insured against everything (time missed at work, anxiety, etc.) But with the help of this Website you'll be able to take care of yourself.

Here you will find the information you need to pull yourself through this minor catastrophe, including contact info for every government agency that can help you get through all this. You'll know as much or more than anybody you'll have to deal with. A good insurance adjuster will be perfectly fair, but it is his job to help the insurance company be efficient so they can provide insurance most economically. Insurance adjusters are paid to be thrifty. But you aren't. You aren't being paid at all for your time let alone your aggravation.

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